7 reasons why microorganisms are good for the field

The microorganisms are essential for agriculture, thanks to their presence in the soil healthy and vigorous crops are achieved. Therefore, we highlight 7 of the reasons why microorganisms are beneficial for the field.

1.The microorganisms represent an important part of the soil and, as such, they play an essential role in the optimal development of plants and trees. In fact, the type and quantity of microorganisms present in the soil tell us what its health status is. In addition, we know if our crops are receiving all the nutrients, they need or no.

2.The microorganisms beneficial to crops – such as certain fungi and bacteria – contribute to making our fields more productive. How? They not only intervene in the nutrition of plant species but also fulfill a protective function. Our crops are, thanks to them, more protected against certain stress situations or moments of change.

3. As some specialized media remind us, they contribute to vital exchanges. For example, plants and fungi need each other to thrive. It is a symbiotic relationship, in which both parties contribute something and receive benefits in return. Plants give fungi carbon to grow and fungi give them nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

4.The biodiversity of soils – and therefore the microorganisms that inhabit them – is essential to obtain nutrients. It is essential for a productive and sustainable agriculture. According to a recent FAO study, soil microorganisms transform organic and inorganic compounds. Thus they release nutrients in such a way that plants can feed.Razones por las que los microorganismos son buenos para el campo

5.Furthermore, they are vital for the filtration, degradation and immobilization of pollutants in water and soil.

6. Microorganisms contribute to improving the control, prevention and elimination of pests and pathogens.

7. And they improve the structure of the soil and fix nitrogen, stimulating the growth of plants.

Biostimulants and organic extracts

Some microorganisms are pathogens and can cause plant diseases. For instance, microorganisms such as phytophtora, fusarium, verticillium… However, most microorganisms play a key role in the biosphere.

Therefore, the use of agricultural biostimulants and phytobiotics with organic extracts, always the Zero Residue, constitute the perfect complement for beneficial microorganisms to fulfill their role. In addition, they ensure that we have under control any disease or plague caused by other pathogens or adverse external factors.

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