80% free aminoacids and organic nitrogen.

Aminon WSP is a powerded product that contains organic nitrogen from aminoacids which provides excellent nutritional and biostimulant properties.

It restores the natural balance of the plant, stimulating vegetative growth and chlorophyll function. Protects also the plant against adverse conditions in order to achieve the maximum capacity of production improving the growth, flowering and fructification, thus getting a greater development of fruit and an advance in ripening.


Aminoacids with micronutrients.

Aminon Micro is a product based on free aminoacids, which have a stimulating effect on plant during its active growth phase and flowering periods. It is developed by a modern process of hydrolysis of natural proteins that permits to obtain a product with high content in free biologically active aminoacids.

It is also enriched with chelated microelements, which helps to maximize its effectiveness in the different metabolic pathways preventing the deficiencies of essential micronutrients for the optimal development of plant.


24% free aminoacids.

Aminon Forte is a liquid biostimulant enriched in nitrogen from aminoacids, peptides and polypeptides. It is absorbed and assimilated rapidly by the plant through the leaves and roots improving the flowering and growth.

It has a high content of free aminoacids that provide excellent nutritional and biostimulant proprieties. It induces the natural balance of the plant, stimulating vegetative growth and chlorophyll function. In addition, it facilitates protein synthesis, which helps to overcome rapidly the stress in the plants.


 Seaweed extract with free aminoacids.

Aminon Mar is a seaweed extract enriched in vital substances as auxins, gibberellins, cytokines and betaines that help the growth and development process of the plant.

Its special composition with algae Ascophyllum nodosum and aminoacids constitutes a natural reserve of micro and macronutrients that increase the production, quality and vigour of the crops. It has a dual effect within the root zone, giving rise to significant increases in root growth while also influencing the dynamic of bacteria colonizing of root.


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