MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology inaugurates new facilities in Granada

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MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology, company located in the agrochemicals sector since 1969 is focused on the search for innovative agricultural solutions for plant protection and it has not stopped growing since its birth.

Quality products, zero residue references and the development of Organic Certified compounds at a European level, such as SHC and CAAE, guide our efforts.

As a result of the effort to obtain quality products with zero waste and the development of references with Organic Certification at a European level, such as SHC and CAAE, it has made a wide network of distributors trust us from different parts of the world, already present in more than 10 countries.


In February 2018, MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology inaugurates new facilities in the Metropolitan Park of Escúzar in Granada, with more than 10,000 square meters available and with the most modern technology available in the productive area, logistics and R+D+i.

The new location of MAFA is placed just 10 minutes from the Granada airport and 30 minutes from the port of Motril. This new industrial park has an area of 4 million m2 and is perfectly connected to the main arteries of the province.


It is also a sustainable space, since it has developed a solar photovoltaic project of 4.6 Mw, which allows self-consumption of the energy produced and injected into the grid and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 8,600 tons / year.

This policy of respect for the environment matchs perfectly with the brand values of MAFA.

The growing concern about the quality and food safety that is demanded from producers in agricultural markets, leads us to design effective and sustainable products.

Our vision is to become a company capable of implementing agriculture that is more respectful of the environment and fully achieve sustainable agricultural development while conserving natural resources.

We are in Avenida de Incar, 30, in Escúzar, Granada. If you are interested in distributing our products, come and see us! We will wait for you

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