Line of specific solutions to sanitary problems obtained from microorganism and botanical active substances. This category comprises basic substances according to the EU regulation 563/2014.


Systemic copper triple action.
100 % complexed by the complexing agent Gluconic Acid.


Citric extracts enriched in Mn and Zn.
Fertilizer with tensioactive action.


Mixture of emulsified vegetable oleins. Fertilizer with tensioactive, moisturizing and penetranting action.


Emulsion based on carbonate potassium salts.
Protects against fungal diseases.


Vegetable extracts of Margosa. Disruptive and repellent action mitigating attacks of mites and aphids.


Potassium soap based on saponified fatty acids. It cleans the remains and molasses of fungi and insects.


Mix of vegetable oils. It avoids drifts, improving wet conditions and adherence.


Fungicide and bactericide of Chitosan hydrochloride that acts as inductor of resistance of the crops against fungi and bacteria.

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