Protection without Residue

Basic Substances

These products are natural substances that are suitable to phytosanitary applications, are approved according to the EU regulation 563/2014.

They can be classified depending on their function; some common are the biofungicides, the biobacterizides and the bioinsecticide. In addition, the chitosan can be used in agriculture as resistance elicitor to fungi and bacteria.

Botanical Substances

Phytofortificant substances that strengthen and support the crops giving them resistance to pathogens attack.

They are formulated from plants and minerals extracts, are characterized to be products without residues, which do not generate an environmental risk as well as human health. For this reason, these products are appropriate to be used in organic and integrated agriculture.


Biological control products from saprobes fungi.

The solutions are free from residue to protect the crops, without applying the chemical materials. MAFA is now working on developing several products using the raw material based on biological substances, from different strain of the saprobic fungi. These products present a great innovation in biofertilization and biological control of crops disease and plant pathogens


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