The importance of phosphorus to defend the crop from fungi and bacteria

Although all nutrients are necessary, this time we want to discuss the importance of phosphorus to defend the crop against harmful fungi and bacteria. Moreover, why is it so important? Because it plays an important role in photosynthesis, in the transport of nutrients, and in the synthesis of proteins or carbohydrates… In other words, it is undoubtedly important in the metabolism of various substances. Therefore, we must pay special attention in our agricultural treatments to phosphorus.

Being in a way one of the energy ‘transmitters’ of plants, it has a special importance in providing them the resistance against diseases. Thanks to potassium, it has also the capacity of a biofertilizers. Phosphorus gives crops a ‘plus’ of protection against such common dangers of fungi and bacteria that attack the plant.

It phosphorous application will always depend on the field conditions. The temperature, the water and the characteristics of the soil (such as its absorption capacity or its PH) are among the factors that must be taken into account when choosing the most suitable phosphorous solution.

In addition, precisely because each crop and agricultural area is completely different, at MAFA we have developed a specific line of biofertilizers formulated with phosphorus. Maxifos is a line of defense inducers that make plants and trees naturally generate their own way of ‘self-defense’ against biotic and abiotic factors.

Is the phosphorus important to defend your crops against fungi and bacteria?

As it happens to us, if we are healthy and our body functions optimally, it will be more difficult for diseases to affect us. Moreover, if they do, they will do it with less virulence. Phosphorus is closely linked to vegetative growth, but also to the expansion of the leaves, the quality and quantity of flowering, the formation and germination of seeds. It intervenes in the entire cycle of plants. In addition, taking into account that these tend to have a phosphorus deficiency, an adequate intake is the best way to prevent certain problems.

Maxifos line helps the phosphorus accumulates mainly in the weakened areas, which produces the recovery and strengthening of the affected plant. The biofertilizer works where it is most needed.

The five formulas of Maxifos, biofertilizer with phosphorus

Maxifos Ca

Maxifos Ca is a product developed for the prevention and correction of calcium deficiency. It prevents and corrects the physiopathies related to this deficit, such as the necrotic edges of the leaves, apical necrosis, fall of fruits in citrus, bitter pit…

Maxifos Mg

Maxifos Mg is a formulation based on phosphorus and potassium enriched with magnesium, which makes it preventive and corrects the deficiency of this element. The product favors root development, strengthens the stem and roots against attacks by pathogens.

Maxifos K

Maxifos K is a potassium formulation, soluble in water and easily absorbed by the roots and leaves. Due to its high content of phosphorus and potassium, it is an ideal product to be used throughout the crop cycle and particularly during fruiting times.

Maxifos 40-20

Maxifos 40-20 is a formulation based on phosphorus and potassium. Thanks to its high concentration, it is effective in preventing oomycete fungal infections (Peronospora, Phytophthora, Pythium, Plasmopara…).

Maxifos Cu

Maxifos Cu is a formulation based on phosphorus and potassium. By also providing copper, it favors protein synthesis and helps correct deficiencies in this element.

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