Why is the future of agriculture in plant biotechnology?

We begin this post with a key question to understand where both agriculture and the agribusiness linked to it are evolving. Why is the future of agriculture in plant biotechnology? There are many reasons. But the main answer is because productivity, quality, naturalness and sustainability go hand in hand thanks to the application of science and technology.

Precisely for this reason, MAFA is a part of various collectives and public-private associations focused on promoting plant biotechnology that is offering so many applications.

We are the part of organizations such as Biovegen, an association that brings together entities from the agri-food sector with an interest in R + D + i in applied plant biology.

To the extent that our business objective is to offer the best natural solutions for the field, plant biotechnology is our best tool to achieve the biostimulation, nutrition and bioprotection that each crop needs.

Why is the future of agriculture in plant biotechnology?

Sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture is a priority in today’s society. In addition, the new European regulations emphasize the need to protect the field. And they defend the use of raw materials that are respecting the environment and plant health and guaranteeing sustainable crop performance.

To sum up, the legislation on biotechnology and plant health coincide in mitigating the impacts of climate change on the health of our crops and forests. That with products that are as effective against the inevitable pests and diseases of plants. But also trees as they are safe and free of toxicity.

What are the advantages of applying biotechnology to agriculture?

Taking into account that the agronomy sector is increasingly linked to plant biotechnology, it goes without saying that there are many advantages of applying it to agriculture.


Products made with biotechnology are subjected to numerous tests that guarantee their effectiveness and quality. This is precise work what we do at MAFA. We not only demonstrate to the farmers we work with how the application and effectiveness of our natural solutions will be, but also periodically publish them on our website.


They manage to optimize the production of the crop from a total respect for the environment, such as the health of the plant and the soil and the microorganisms in it.


Accomplishing to reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, it is that natural solutions are obtained for crops, in which the use of water is optimized and waste and chemical processes are avoided.


It manages to reduce the contamination of soils and aquifers, a fundamental aspect for the success of crops and their sustainability over time. By reducing or avoiding the use of chemical products, we develop a productive and healthy crop without affecting the quality of the soil and its biodiversity.


As the consequence of the above, we promote healthy agriculture. Because it makes possible foods that are more nutritious and free of toxicity, residue and allergens. It is ZERO RESIDUE AGRICULTURE.

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