Since its birth in 1969, MAFA has been dedicated to find answers to the problems of crops through research and development of innovative agricultural solutions for plant nutrition and protection. We are specialist in formulation of phytobiotics, biostimulants, fertilizers and soil and water correctors.

In mafa, we work to help the farmers, save the environment and make the corps more profitable and healthy.



Our R+D+I department has an annual budget that exceed 3% of company invoicing, to finance the research projects. We have a technical group that aims to guarantee the highest quality of products. We collaborate with officially recognized laboratories, as well as homologated centres GLP (good laboratory practices).

Our vision is to became a company capable of implementing environmentally friendly agriculture and fully achieve a sustainable development of agriculture.



Our innovative mission is materialized by the expansion of our products in five continents. Nowadays, we are present in Europe, Middle Eastern countries such; Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Iran, United Arab Emirates and else. In 2018, we have established a subsidiary in Mexico to recover the marketing demand in the continent of America.



Zero residue integrated process


Research and development of innovative products


Manufacturing of goods that are committed to the modern agriculture

Training and information

Regarding the products without residues

Advice on treatments

We develop a specific protocol according to crop-needs

Access to quality markets

Agricultural products without residue suitable to penetrate luxury markets

Market penetration

Guaranteed access to a large distribution chains

Needs covered, customers satisfaction

Food without residue according to the growth in demand for healthy food products

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