Biostimulants already have regulation: the best guarantee for the farmer

Biostimulants already have regulation which is without any doubt the best guarantee for the farmer, and of course for the costumer. The new Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR) 2019/1009 was published in the official journal of the EU on 25 June 2019, it is a highly reclaimed normative that give us the answer to some sector demands. It is about regulating the companies role that are dedicated to R&D+I subject, for optimizing the agriculture.

Although, we will not see the products marked with EU, until July 2022, the approbation of this biostimulants regulation by Parliament and European Council is an excellent announcement. This puts in the place that these advantageous biological substances deserve. The biostimulants influence positively in various plant metabolic processes and improve the healthy and sustainable crop yield.

Nuevo reglamento europeo de bioestimulantes

There is a new european regulation.


The biostimulants regulation will allow the free circulation of fertilisers in Europe and it will decide the quality of natural agricultural products that are today more necessary than ever. What is the most positive aspect of the regulation? In our opinion, these are the most relevant:

  1. This means the greatest legal security for manufacturers.
  2. Facilitates access to the market for innovative products, environmentally friendly and that guarantee the crops quality.
  3. Defines biostimulants as products with a purpose similar to fertilizers and excludes them from phytosanitary products, away from Zero Residue Agriculture, increasingly extended fortunately.
  4. Biostimulants manufacturers have legislation to commercialise these natural solutions for agriculture without disadvantages, on equal terms with producers around the world.
  5. Biostimulants will be evaluated by accredited entities to ensure that all the requirements of the regulations are achieved.
  6. Biostimulants may only declare their approved benefits on the label. In this way, the farmer is clear about which product to choose, to attend the needs of their crops at any time.


As Patrick du Jardin said « biostimulants are defined for what they do, not for what they are ». Du Jardin, Head of Plant Biology at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of Gembloux (University of Lieja) is one of the world’s leading experts in biostimulation.

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