Value contribution

They are able to promote the vigour of crops and to maximize the yield and harvest quality.

Biological substances that influence positively on the plant metabolic processes. These products are designed to improve the plant physiology, they act stimulating the natural process, to improve the absorption and the efficiency of the nutriments as well as tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress in plants.

The biostimulants include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and microorganisms.


Access to quality markets.

Agricultural Products without residue, which are suitable to supply the luxury markets, providing a benefit increase between the farmers.

The increase in improving food safety and quality demanded by the markets to agricultural prodcucts leads us to design more effective and sustainable products. In MAFA we work restlessly to help farmers, save the environment and making the crops more profitable and healthy.


Science with and for Society.

When the technology and the nature work together to get a binomial, this requires a dedication of the professionals from scientific community.

Research is essential to investigate the new biostimulant substances. As a result, it produces a necessary connexion between costumer and scientific and an improvement in understanding between both, specialist costumer and not specialist. All of that is the basis of the Scientific Excellence and the Social Approval.


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