The 4 most common summer pests and their natural solutions

Although summer is a good time for many crops, it is also a perfect time for insects, fungi and other organisms that affect the performance of agricultural plants. That is why we wanted to collect the 4 most common summer pests and their natural solutions.

Pests use the crops to feed and grow, therefore they are a serious danger to the productivity of any crop. They throw away the several months of work of the farmer. The problem with pests is that they are often barely noticed until the plant is entirely affected. In addition, it tends to spread rapidly through the roots, stems, leaves and fruits. The consequences of not acting on time can be dire for the harvest.

According to the FAO, a pest is “any species, race or plant or animal biotype or pathogen harmful to plants or plant products”. Many pests affect agricultural crop such as invasive plants-weeds, insects-slugs, viruses and other infectious agents-fungi. Therefore, it is essential to identify the most common pests and, above all, find the best natural solutions to stop them. So let’s start with the 4 most common summer pests and their natural solutions.

1.The aphid

The aphid is at the forefront of all summer pests that affects agriculture the most. It expands very quickly and it is perceived when the large black spots appear on the stem and leaves of plants. There are not a specific pest of a particular plant species. The aphids affect all types of plants and trees equally. Moreover, another drawback is that, being especially small, it is not easy to detect until it is already grouped in very large quantities or colonies. Although it usually infects our crops in winter, the problem is that it only begins to be noticed in spring and summer. To stop its action, you can use basic substances such as Basictec and phytobiotics such as Indico, a formulation of plant extracts that attacks aphids and mites without generating any waste.

2.The Whitefly

The whitefly is another headache for farmers when summer comes. It affects crops such as tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, fruits and vegetables that sap is seriously damaged by the action of this tiny whitish insect. Affected plants often actually lose their color and the leaves turn into yellow. Zero residue phytobiotics are a good solution to end it and its fatal consequences.

An effective solution to end the whitefly plague is the treatment of Citromazinc and Frutoil, a mixture of pomace and plant extracts. The union of both phytobiotics has an effectiveness of 100% against the white fly and 85% on mealy bug of citrus. Our proposal? Solution of 2.5 liters of Citromazinc and 2.5 liters of Frutoil for every 1,000 liters of water.

3.The red spider

The red spider is precisely the lead player of one of our latest posts about trials. We saw specifically the effectiveness of Basictec on the red spider that usually affects the pepper crop. This type of mite is, however, easier to control than other pests. It is possibly to notice its presence due to the malformation of the fruits, the fall of the leaves and the loss of color.

The organic extracts of phytobiotics are very effective in keeping these uncomfortable insects away and slowing down their activity in crops.

4. Fungi

Along with insects, fungi is the other species that causes more pests. Excess humidity is usually their reason and, once established on the crop, they brutally affect it until its death. For this, you can use bio fertilizers such as Maxifos K and phytobiotics such as Oleo-Soap K or Biocarb, which protects plants and trees from fungal attacks such as mildew, powdery mildew, mottling or botrytis

Junto a los insectos, los hongos es la otra especie que más plagas provoca. El exceso de humedad suele ser su mejor reclamo y, una vez establecidos en el cultivo, afectan brutalmente a éste. Para ello puedes usar biofertilizantes como Maxifos K  y fitobióticos como Oleo-Soap K o Biocarbque protege a plantas y árboles de ataques fúngicos como los del mildio, oídio, moteado o botrytis.

If you need help to control pests, contact with us and our team of agronomists will be happy to propose the most appropriate zero residue solution for your crop problem.


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