The last meeting of the year with susteinable agriculture: Growtech 2019

The last appointment of the year has been the recent international Growtech Eurasia 2019. The companies that are dedicated to the biotechnology, and to optimize the resources offered by the most advanced agronomy, suppose the event of the first order. Therefore, we have finished this year full of energy after our time at the International Growtech Eurasia.

This event is the biggest in the sustainable agriculture sector of the world and the scene where MAFA always has the opportunity to increase its contacts, to consolidate its presence in the Eurasian market and to demonstrate the strength of its growing range of biostimulants, biofertilizers, phytobiotic, etc.

MAFA en Growtech 2019

MAFA was in Growtech 2019.

The agricultural sector of the countries that are currently growing have been very interested in Zero Residue products and in fertilizers with organic certification, in which MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology has wide experience with the American and European organic certifications -OMRI, SHC and CAAE– that endorse their products. Then, the last appointment of the year with sustainable agriculture, Growtech 2019, has been a fabulous opportunity to confirm the presence of our products in the international market.


Our agronomist and experts in agricultural biotechnology have showed in Antalya (Turkey) how zero residue agriculture is a solid bet in healthy and quality food. MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology has been one of the Spanish Companies presents in Growtech 2019, this last one is a specialized event in sustainable agriculture that continues to grow, and it is currently the largest exhibition in the sector for Asia and Middle East.

Ending the year contacting with more than 800 agricultural industry professionals from 30 countries, they encourage us to continue to guide our work towards a sector with a future, and, specially, with more expectations than any other in the agricultural sector. However, we have continued consolidating commercial links with professionals and companies from the agricultural sector in Greece, Egypt, Iran, Jordan or Romania.



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